Ice cream shop, Pizzeria & Restaurant

Acqua is contemporary and unpretentious since 2010, located next to Olhos d’Água beach – Albufeira, with an innovative proposal that combines ice cream shop, restaurant, pizzeria and bar, following the highest quality standards as goal.

We favor the use of local products in our cuisine, with a focus on genuine flavors that transport us through time.

At Acqua, on Olhos d’Água beach, you can enjoy unique gastronomic experiences that start with a wonderful breakfast. In addition, it is the ideal place to have lunch, dinner and enjoy our tapas of genuine products with family or friends.

At Acqua, you can simply cool off with one of our wonderful ice creams.

To make your experience at Acqua unforgettable, we have daily live music and a wide range of inspiring cocktails.

Delights that flood the senses!

The perfect combination of authentic Italian cuisine, handmade ice cream and a pleasant atmosphere make Acqua an unmissable place to enjoy the best of gastronomy.

The Acqua ice cream parlor is a true paradise for frozen dessert lovers. With a variety of flavors, from classics to the most creative, each spoonful is an explosion of flavors and textures. Ice creams are prepared by hand, using selected ingredients to provide a unique experience to each customer. It’s impossible to resist these refreshing temptations.

At the Acqua restaurant, Italian cuisine is celebrated in every dish. Fresh pasta, made on site, is combined with carefully prepared sauces to create an exceptional dining experience. Main dishes are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, providing unique and authentic flavors. From the classic spaghetti carbonara to the most exquisite lasagna, each option is prepared with passion and dedication.

And for pizza lovers, pizzeria Acqua is a true paradise. With their crispy dough, pizzas are true works of culinary art. The selection of fresh, quality ingredients ensures that each slice is a unique taste experience. Whether you are a fan of classic combinations, such as Margherita or Pepperoni, or prefer to venture into more creative and innovative flavors, pizzeria Acqua has the perfect option to satisfy all palates.

In addition, the Acqua Bar , where talented mixologists prepare exclusive and surprising cocktails.

From classics to original creations, each drink is a unique sensory experience, carefully crafted to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Enjoy a lively night at the Acqua Bar, toasting to unforgettable moments.